Mt Kenya is an African Alpine wonderland. This beautiful mountain which straddles the equator was sculpted by glaciers on their way down from the ancient volcanic peaks. The dramatic summits and colossal valleys are dotted with tarns that sit like jewels embedded in Kenya's crown.


The lush rainforest that cloaks the lower slopes of Mt Kenya is home to an abundance of wildlife including buffalo, elephant & wild boar. The diverse vegetation is worth investigating, eerie bamboo forests give way to moorland and Afro-alpine flowers and finally the life giving tarns create oases in stark contrast to the rugged mountaintops.


Mt Kenya has 3 major crests, the highest is Batian 5199m whose twin brother Nelion sits at 5188m. These two summits are accessible to Rock Climbers, while Pt Lenana, the third highest peak 4985m is the trekking peak that attracts avid hikers. The views are unrivalled, as this African mountain must be the most beautiful on the continent.  

The trek up Pt Lenana starts on the East of Mt Kenya in the Tropical Rain forest, after hiking through the bamboo forests the first night is spent at the abundant Nithi falls. The following days hike reveals the beauty of Gorges Valley reaching Hall Tarns, a place of crystal clear lakes, massive cliffs & yawning valleys.


After gaining the base of the peaks, an altitude of roughly 4200m the Mt Kenya Peak Circuit explores the magnificent peaks, tarns and Glaciers that surround the summit of Mt Kenya. This peak circuit hike will acclimatise you for either the Pt Lenana ascent or summit attempt of Nelion and Batian. Aside form the benefits of acclimatising during  the peak circuit hike, the vistas that open up as you round each peak are astounding. Spend the two nights on the peak circuit camping at Kami tarn and Austrian Hut camp before ascending Pt Lenana the highlight of the trek.


As the ascent continues, the huge peaks draw closer & Pt Lenana becomes a realistic goal. The summit of Pt Lenana is reached after an early morning start and offers fantastic views of Batian and Nelion and the valleys radiating away from the peaks. Descent is on the Sirimon route via the Mackinder Valley past the jagged blades of Terere and Sendeo on the Northern side of the mountain. Email us for details.

With the trek up the Chogoria route accomplished and acclimatisation completed on the beautiful Peak Circuit, the real climbing challenge begins from Kami Tarn for the North Face Standard climbing route or Austrian Hut for the Normal S.E face rock climbing route. Depending on the time of the year, these are the two routes of choice to access the technical summits of Nelion 5188m and Batian 5199m. The peaks are separated by The Gate of mists a steep ridge often covered in snow and ice that must be traversed if both summits are to be reached


The grade on these technical climbs are a moderate (IV/ V), however the rigours of altitude, extreme exposure, mountain weather should be considered. The routes are long with between 700m & 1100m of technical climbing. Previous rock climbing experience is essential It's advisable to be comfortable climbing two or three grades above the route grade. GoTrekking Africa provides all the technical equipment and leading for the climb. If time permits, it may be possible to climb other satellite peaks. Email us for details.

WEATHER - It is possible to climb & trek on Mt Kenya all year round.

January to March and July to September are the driest periods on Mt Kenya


Closest International airport: Nairobi Kenya. Closest towns Chogoria or Nanyuki. All GoTrekking Africa treks on Mt Kenya include return transfers to and from Nairobi.


GoTrekking Africa normally chooses to patronise a 4 star Hotel in Nairobi which offers secure accommodation & a comprehensive range of services including restaurants and forex facilities.


Trekking on Mt Kenya is an adventure, to enjoy it fully backpackers must be fit, determined, enjoy wilderness camping & be able to carry their own provisions. Porters are available on request.

Unlike Kilimanjaro, the Mt Kenya Park authorities do not insist that groups use porters or park guides or walk on stipulated routes. The mountain experiences less traffic than Kili, so crowds can be avoided. This allows more versatility, more opportunities to explore the wonders of Mt Kenya, altogether a more pleasant experience on the mountain. The treks are guided by GoTrekking Africa guides & camps are set up each night in mountaineering tents at a quiet site, meals are prepared by GoTrekking Africa guides.


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Hall Tarns, Mitos hut, Chogoria route


View towards Pt Lenana on Chogoria routeHall Tarns, Mitos hut, Chogoria routeNithi Falls, Chogoria routePt Peter from Kami TarnPt Peter from Kami TarnTerere and Sendeo, around the peaks circuitNelion and Batian, summits of Mt KenyaSimba Tarn, around the Peaks circuitSimba Tarn, around the Peaks circuitApproach to North Face Standard climbRoute to Krapf GlacierHall Tarns